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Fiery Volcano

Showing all records for Time for characters Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles
CH Position Record Held By Submitted Ver DL Rpt
1st0:12.54Blaze The CatSeptember 29th, 2016
5:11 PM
2nd0:14.80Blaze The CatSeptember 29th, 2016
5:10 PM
3rd0:14.82NintensisSeptember 25th, 2016
6:36 PM
4th0:18.82ManimiFireSeptember 20th, 2016
8:41 AM
5th0:20.42Steel TitaniumSeptember 20th, 2016
4:01 PM
6th0:20.88JimitaSeptember 17th, 2016
1:51 PM
7th0:21.28JimitaSeptember 17th, 2016
1:45 PM
8th0:22.97TehRealSaltSeptember 17th, 2016
1:37 PM
9th0:35.20OrsSeptember 22nd, 2016
5:34 AM
10th0:36.37JimitaSeptember 19th, 2016
3:32 PM
11th1:12.77GamingReloadedSeptember 19th, 2018
3:15 PM
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